VUE Testing Center

You have the experience and the training - now you want to demonstrate your expertise and get the recognition your skills deserve. An IT certification increases your credibility in the marketplace and is tangible evidence that you have the know-how to provide top-notch support to your employer.

Using the speed and reliability of the Internet, the most advanced technology and our commitment to unparalleled service, Hopkinsville Community College in partnership with VUE provides a quick, flexible way to meet your testing needs.

  • VUE uses the Internet for secure data transmission to and from the testing center.

  • Extensive use of Java in the registration and testing site management applications.

  • Easy and convenient real-time registration and rescheduling of exams .

  • Your exam is downloaded and ready when you are.

  • Results promptly and accurately provided to certifying agency.

  • Real time connection with the VUE hub via the Internet for all services.

  • Tamper-proof web Digital Embosser that protects your certification.

VUE and Hopkinsville Community College are committed to providing you with world-class service. Your complete satisfaction with the testing process from a quick, painless registration to having your exam available when you expected and your test results promptly reported to the certifying agency is assured.

Exam Sponsors
Allaire o Avaya o Brocade o CIW o Check Point o Cisco o CompTIA o Ericsson o iGeneration Informix o LPI o Lucent o Microsoft o Novell o PTC o RSA Security o Siebel Systems ... and more!


Q. Are the exams on the VUE system different?
A. No, the exams are exactly the same. They look the same and are scored the same. The difference is in the great service and convenience you'll experience before and after you take your exam.

Q. I have already taken exams with another test delivery provider. Can I finish my certification with VUE?
A. Yes. Every exam you take with VUE is merged with the sponsor's test history data.

Q. Are the exams at VUE priced the same as anywhere else?
A. The exam sponsors set the prices, so prices at VUE authorized test centers are the same as at all other test centers.

Q. What are HCC's VUE Testing Center hours?
A. Our normal VUE testing hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Friday. Other times may be arranged by calling the college at (270) 707-3751.

Q. How do I register for an exam with VUE?

  • Register directly with HCC by calling (270) 707-3751.
  • Go to to register yourself .
  • In North America, call these toll-free hotlines:

    • CompTIA 1-877-551-PLUS

    • Microsoft 1-800-TEST-REG

    • Cisco 1-877-404-EXAM

    • Novell 1-800-TEST-CNE

  • Visit for a complete worldwide listing of telephone registration numbers.

Exam pricing can be acquired by calling the VUE call center at (952) 995-8800 or by contacting the test center at (270) 707-3751 or

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