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All online databases (except the Library Online Catalog) require a password to access. If you are accessing an online database from an HCC campus computer, authentication to the database is completed automatically.

Students, faculty and staff of KCTCS and Hopkinsville Community College can access the databases from off-campus computers by using their HCC-KCTCS computer account. Community library patrons with a valid HCC library card may request database passwords from a member of the HCC Library Staff. For more information about obtaining a library card, click here.

Academic OneFile - Locate magazine, newspaper and journal articles (some complete articles) on a variety of current topics. This database includes:
  • Academic OneFile
  • Expanded Academic ASAP
  • Opposing Viewpoint Resource Center
  • Health and Wellness Resource Center
  • Health Reference Center Academic
American History in Video American History in Video provides the largest and richest collection of video available online for the study of American history. The collection allows students and researchers to analyze historical events, and their presentation over time, through commercial and governmental newsreels, archival footage, public affairs footage, and important documentaries.

Biography Reference Bank is comprised of all the H.W. Wilson resources, including Wilson Biographies Plus Illustrated, Current Biography, the Junior Authors & Illustrators Series, the Wilson biographical series on world artists, authors, composers, songwriters, musicians, film directors, plus more than 80,000 profiles. In addition, Biography Reference Bank contains links to every article on any individual (full text articles, abstracts, book review excerpts, and more) from the thousands of periodicals covered by other Wilson databases.

CQ Researcher CQ Researcher provides in-depth, unbiased coverage of health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy. Reports are published online 44 times a year, and archives are available dating back to 1991. Each single-themed, 12,000-word report is researched and written by an experienced journalist. An introductory overview; background and chronology on the topic; an assessment of the current situation; tables and maps; pro/con statements from representatives of opposing positions; and bibliographies of key sources are included in each report.

Credo Reference Credo Reference is a full-text online reference service, including over three million entries from some of the world's best reference publishers. Credo’s collection contains dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, quotations and atlases, plus a wide range of subject-specific titles covering everything from art to accountancy, science to Shakespeare and law to literature.

EBSCO Host Locate magazine, newspaper and journal articles (some complete articles) in a variety of index sources.

Facts on File - World News Digest combines four core databases: Facts on File World News Digest, Issues & Controversies on File, Today’s Science on File, and the World Almanac Reference Database. World News Digest is updated weekly and is supplemented with a searchable hourly newsfeed. It includes a 65-year archive of world events as well. Issues & Controversies provides in-depth and balanced investigations of 600 key topics in the news. Today’s Science on File covers subjects in earth and space science, biology, physics, and chemistry. The World Almanac Reference Database integrates general and statistical information from both the World Almanac and the World Almanac Encyclopedia.

Films on Demand - Faculty and students have 24/7 instant access to over 6,200 full-length programs and 65,800 video segments grouped into prearranged, subject-specific categories such as humanities, social sciences, business, economics, science, mathematics, health, medicine, technical education, family and consumer sciences, careers, job search, guidance and counseling.

Grolier Online Grolier Online is an authoritative, age-appropriate research and learning Web resource.This general source covers a broad range of topics, including the arts, society, geography, history, philosophy, religion, sports, science and technology. Extensive links to articles, Web sites, periodicals and bibliographies are incorporated as well.

LearningExpressLibrary LearningExpressLibrary helps people prepare for success in life by meeting a broad range of educational and career-orientated needs including:

  • Preparing for professional certification, licensing, and aptitude tests in health care, civil service/government, law enforcement, firefighting, EMS, military, and real estate, among others.
  • Improving workplace skills, such as resume writing, interviewing, computer skills, etc.
  • Preparing for college entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT, plus improving performance on Advanced Placement (AP) exams.
  • Improving proficiency levels in reading, writing, and math.
Over 1,000 online practice tests and interactive tutorials are available, along with over 200 eBooks. Instant feedback and diagnostic score reports help identify strengths and weaknesses.  NOTE: Visitors to this site MUST create a user account before fully accessing these resources.
Literary Reference Center - is a full-text database that combines information from major respected reference works, books, literary journals as well as original content from EBSCO Publishing. Literary Reference Center contains full text for more than 31,000 plot summaries, synopses and work overviews, nearly 100,000 articles/essays of literary criticism, more than 159,000 author biographies (including more than 22,000 in-depth bios), 450 literary journals, more than 632,000 book reviews, more than 69,000 classic and contemporary poems, more than 18,000 classic and contemporary short stories, more than 5,600 author interviews, more than 8,200 classic texts and much more.

Nursing Digital Library - This searchable digital library, available 24/7, is a compilation of over 120 individual titles produced for use in nursing education. It includes over 100 hours of nursing training on topics such as assessment, disease, medication administration, pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, skills, etc. NOTE TO USERS: CLICK "View the Library" to access desired resources.

OCLC FirstSearch Locate magazine, newspaper and journal articles (citations and abstracts only) in a variety of index sources.

Oxford Reference Containing over 1.5 million dictionary definitions, facts, figures, people, places, dates, and quotations, ORO offers a wide choice of search options to suit all research needs and levels of experience.

ProQuest Direct Locate magazine, newspaper and journal articles (some complete articles) on a variety of current topics.

Salem History - An online database that includes the complete content of printed reference sets. Salem currently offers this service with the following series of historical reference:

  • Milestone Documents - A new, primary source series.
  • The Decades - Salem's critically acclaimed American history series.
  • Great Lives from History- The definitive, worldwide biographical resource.

Salem Health - Salem Health includes Magill’s Medical Guide, a five-volume set that provides general readers with an authoritative reference source designed to bridge the gap between medical encyclopedias for professionals and popular self-help guides. It is an up-to-date and easy-to-use compilation of medical information suitable for student research as well as use by general readers, including patients and caregivers. 

Along with Magill's Medical Guide is Salem Health: Cancer. This four-volume set covers more than 800 topics of crucial interest to students, patients, caregivers, and others who have received a diagnosis or are associated with those who have cancer.

Salem Literature (Masterplots) - A classic reference work for more than 60 years, Masterplots summarizes, analyzes, and critiques the most important works in all genres—long fiction, short fiction, poetry, drama, and nonfiction — throughout history and around the world. It features 2,220 essays: 438 essays are newly written; 98 feature thoroughly revised or replaced plot synopses or critical evaluations; and 1,684 have been previously published but reedited for this new edition.

SKS Webselect (SIRS) Locate carefully selected and continuously updated quality websites covering vital issues and topics.

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